As the president of the World Confederation of Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies (WCCBT), I invite you to attend the 8th Asian Cognitive Behavioral Therapies Association (ACBTA) conference in New Delhi, India between February 28th - March 2nd, 2024.

Hosted by the Asian CBT Association (ACBTA), and organized by the Indian Association of CBT (IACBT), the ACBTA conference in New Delhi is dedicated to the advancement and exchange of knowledge in cognitive and behavioral therapies (CBT) and will host an exceptional gathering of professionals from India, Asia, and around the world. The conference serves as a unique platform for experts, practitioners, researchers, and students to share their experiences, insights, and research findings while fostering collaboration and networking opportunities.

The ACBTA conference program will feature renowned keynote speakers, thought-provoking panel discussions, interactive workshops, and engaging poster presentations. Attendees will have the opportunity to delve into various aspects of CBT, including new developments, cultural adaptations, emerging trends, and clinical applications. The carefully curated program will include a diverse range of topics to cater to the interests and needs of attendees from different disciplines within the mental health field. In addition to the enriching program, attendees will be able to attend social events and form valuable professional connections at the conference.

I encourage you to partner with us to grow evidence-based mental health science and practice in India by attending the 2024 ACBTA conference in New Delhi and by joining the Indian Association of CBT (IACBT). By becoming an IACBT member, you will receive discounted conference registration, training opportunities, and will automatically become a member of the Asian CBT Association (ACBTA) and the World Confederation of CBT (WCCBT). In doing so, you will become part of the global community to spread evidence-based practice throughout the world.

I look forward to seeing you at the 8th ACBTA conference in New Delhi.

Prof. Lata K. McGinn, PhD
President, World Confederation of CBT (WCCBT)