Dear All

With the grand success of 7th Asian CBT Congress in Malaysia in July 2022, the Asian CBT Association continues the excellent tradition by deciding to hold its conference, from 28th February to 2nd March 2024, physically in the historic and vibrant city of New Delhi, the capital of India. On behalf of the organizing team, we would like to extend our warmest invitation to you to participate in Asian CBT Congress (ACBTA -2024).

Indian Association of CBT is extremely pleased to host this event for all our Asian colleagues after the long period of enforced hibernation throughout COVID period. To get together again with colleagues and continue ACBTA’s work in promoting mental health care across Asia will be both exciting and rewarding. We want to sincerely thank our collaborating organizations and funding agencies for their support to organize this event.

CBT in Asian countries has to emerge to amalgamate population specific nuances mixed with a robust structure suiting the low mental health resource setting and lack of uniformity in CBT training in mind. The congress will be a great opportunity to explore more in this regard so as to come up with a common framework for CBT training and supervision in Asian countries, particularly where a professional association for CBT exists. The congress in 2024 will create the unique blend of original CBT and new CBT that characterizes much of Asia.

This Asian CBT Congress represents an excellent opportunity to create, initiate, and strengthen professional clinical and research relationships in the area of CBT. We look forward to hosting you all in New Delhi with booming knowledge, blooming professional networks, sumptuous food, roaming around, and lot of fun activities!!

The Organizing Team
ACBTA 2024