Delhi Weather
The weather in Delhi in March is quite pleasant with winter ending and spring season beginning. The average maximum daytime temperature in New Delhi in February lies at 25.0°C (77°F). The average minimum temperature goes down to around 10.8°C (51.44°F) (often the minimum temperature is noted at night). February is a dry month with an average of 20mm (0.8 inches) of rain.

It's a good idea to check the weather forecast before coming in to Delhi.

The time zone and time difference from major cities:
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Currency related information:
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Top 10 DELHI Do's & Don'ts : A First-timer's Guide:
Delhi, the capital city of India is one of the most popular tourist destinations in whole country. This is because of its historical and present importance. Plus the market places make it one fun place to explore. Therefore due to the fame that Delhi carries with itself, following are some Do's and Don'ts in Delhi that need to kept in mind while travelling this beautiful city always bustling with colourful crowd:
  • Advance Booking: This is the first thing that you should ensure you are done with before coming to Delhi. Due to the popularity of this city, the hotels are pre-booked therefore you also need to do that well in advance. Checking the confirmation of booking is advised to be done when you have completed all the formalities.
  • Keep a Hindi Phrase Book and Map Handy: Every time you venture out, you should keep a Hindi Phrase book handy with yourself as local people might not be able to interact with you in your native language. Along with this, it is also advisable to keep a map of Delhi so that you can easily roam around without being lost.
  • Bargain while Shopping: It is advisable that you bargain in the flea markets and street markets as the vendors here inflate the prices much above the actual worth of the product. One example is the Sarojini Nagar Market where heavy bargaining is prevalent due to the inflated prices and low cost of the export surplus and rejected garments.
  • Beware of Agents: Agents roam here and there in the markets watching out for an opportunity to dupe around with the non-locals. So we advise you to beware of these kinds of people and touts who offer you lucrative buying options. Judge wisely and then make any buying decision.
  • Contact the Police in an Emergency or when lost: It is wise to contact the police immediately if you sense something fishy/ in the case of an emergency. Also in the case you feel that you have lost your way you can either report to the nearby police station or go the PCR vans patrolling through the streets. For reporting loss of any personal belonging, a report should be lodged with the police station.
  • Beware of Pickpockets: We strictly advise you to keep your wallets and purses with utmost care. You need to take adequate safety measures while in a public place or while travelling through public transport as there are people on a look out for an opportunity to steal your wallet taking advantage of the maddening crowd. It is also advised to keep your passport, identification papers and other important documents in a place other than your purse.