28 Feb 2024 | AIIMS, New Delhi


With its wide cultural, language, ethnicity, historical and geographic diversity, and enchanting natural beauty; Asia unfortunately constitutes the largest number of the people affected by natural disasters worldwide. Additionally, Asia reports comparatively more incidents of all kinds of childhood adversities or psychologically traumatic life events (TLEs) than other regions (WHO, 2020) and higher burden of mental illnesses (WHO, 2017). Psychologically traumatic life event is a broad term encompassing a multitude of adverse experiences, namely physical/emotional/ sexual abuse, war, torture, natural disasters, kidnapping, trafficking, sudden loss of family member or limb, life threatening illnesses, physical assaults, neighbourhood violence/crime as well as witnessing murder/suicide, domestic violence, accidents, and dead bodies. Such experiences could be overwhelming, which could transcend the coping ability and resilience of individuals along with heightened insecurity issues, helplessness, poor stress tolerance, and socio-occupational impairment. Such experiences are sufficiently intense to defeat the existing coping mechanisms and shatter fundamental assumptions one has about oneself and the world.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapeutic Approaches have noticeable evidence to reduce the impacts of such adverse events on mental health and optimise functionality and well-being of affected people.

The Asian Trauma Conclave within the umbrella of Asian CBT Congress is first of its kind to focus and deliberate upon such traumatic life incidents.

The Asian Trauma Conclave aims to provide a common platform to all stakeholders to participate in a comprehensive synthesis of research, service provision, and clinical practice in the field of Trauma Psychology in Asian countries.


  • Provide a platform to researchers, clinicians, academicians, healthcare service providers, non-government and government agencies, childcare organisations, and students to share their experiences/interest in psychological trauma affected children/adolescents/adults/ elderly.
  • Deliberate upon Asian research and clinical practice in the field of psychosocial traumatic life events, physical and mental health, and well-being.
  • Present a comprehensive overview of status of evidence based CBT approaches to deal traumatic life events in Asian region.
  • Provide an opportunity to develop networking and professional association for bi/multi-lateral research/training collaboration.
School/Clinical/Child Psychologists; Psychologists; Psychiatrists, Social workers; Academicians & Researchers; Counsellors in various INGOs/NGOs for rehabilitation of such children, Professionals working in protection and welfare agencies; Students of Psychology/Psychiatry/Social Work/Sociology; & anyone who has interest in psychological trauma and physical and mental health.

  • Scientific papers: All original data/intervention-based papers, systematic reviews and meta analyses, brief reports, case study and case series, qualitative studies, field surveys, etc
  • Workshops: field experts will conduct workshops with hands on training.
  • Symposium: professionals will present symposia on interconnected topics.
  • Clinical Research Round Table: renowned researchers will present their clinical research based data on a particular or related sub-themes.
  • Panel Debate for Students: will only be opened for registered students. Winners will be presented with attractive prizes.
  • Posters : Physical and E-Posters.
We look forward to welcoming you to the
Asian Trauma conclave a satellite event of the
8th Asian CBT Congress in New Delhi, India to be held at the
All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) from 28th February to 2nd March 2024.
Organised by Department of Psychiatry, AIIMS
in collaboration with Indian Association for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (IACBT)
Supported by Asian CBT Association (ACBTA) & World Confederation for CBT (WCCBT)