Poster Size and Orientation:

  • Orientation style: Landscape style orientation is mandatory.
  • If using PowerPoint, design on single slide only
  • Save the PPT as a PDF.
  • Monitor resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels, ratio 16:9 in Landscape orientation
Essential Information:
  • English language only. Use Arial font, bold for titles, and avoid italics.
  • Include Poster Number, Title, Author names with superscript numbers, affiliations, and addresses.
  • Place the affiliated institution's logo on the upper left corner and the first author's photo on the upper right.
  • Limit colours to 2-3 for a formal presentation.
  • Ensure clear visibility of photographs and figures (minimum 300-dpi resolution).
  • Organize graphs and tables with easily readable fonts.
Content Layout:
  • Empirical Research (Introduction, Objectives, Materials and Methods, Results, Conclusion, References, and Acknowledgment).
  • Case Reports (Introduction, Objectives, Case Operation Procedure, Discussion, Conclusion, References, and Acknowledgment).
  • Literature Review (Introduction, Literature studies, Discussion, Conclusion, and References).
  • Include a Declaration of Conflict of Interest and contact details (optional).
  • Provide data in the international metric system.
  • Footer should state: "Presented at: ACBTA 2024, NEW DELHI. INDIA"


  • Submit your e-poster in PDF format at
  • Deadline for submission is 30th January 2024.
For any queries or concerns please email. Thanks for your cooperation. We look forward to receiving your submission.